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Member Since: 2009
Firm Size: 23 Lawyers
Phone: +86 21 5820 4822
Fax: +86 21 5820 3032


Room 608, Tomson Financial Building
710 Dongfang Road
Shanghai, 200122 P.R. China
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Room 608, No.710 Dong Fang Road, Shanghai 200122 China


Sophie Sun Zhiang


Yijun Mao

Shanghai Pu Dong Law Office

Shanghai Pu Dong Law Office was established in 1992 to meet the needs of developing and opening Shanghai Municipality and the Pu Dong New Area. Its areas of special interest include: foreign direct investment; IPO; mergers and acquisitions; and commercial litigation.

Security affairs attorneys are primarily involved in structuring of state owned and foreign investment enterprises, new issue or rights issue of shares (including A. B. H. N shares), providing legal opinions in connection with the properties located in P.R.C for listed companies of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, issuing and trading of derivative securities.

Shanghai Pu Dong Law Office's attorneys in international investment affairs are primarily involved in business negotiations and transactions between Chinese and foreign parties, concerning wholly foreign owned, equity joint venture, contractual joint venture enterprises and enterprises without foreign investment, covering a broad range of matters including industrial, manufacturing, real estate and other activities. The Office's domestic and foreign clients can be represented by Pu Dong Law Office's lawyers in Chinese courts at all levels or before any arbitral bodies. While acting as a permanent retainer, our attorneys are lawyers ready to give general legal advice to the clients whenever it is necessary.