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Member Since: 1991
Firm Size: 13 Lawyers
Phone: +45 33 11 6511
Fax: +45 33 11 4911


Amaliegade 12,
1256 Copenhagen K, Denmark
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Anders Stoltenberg
Phone: +45 33116511
Fax: +45 33114911


Grethe Jørgensen
Phone: + 45 33 11 65 11
Fax: + 45 33 11 49 11

Mark Kant Dovey
Phone: +45 33 11 65 11
Fax: +45 33 11 49 11

Moltke-Leth Advokater

Moltke-Leth Lawyers was established in 1939 and has foremost been a business related law firm.

The core business of our firm is providing business-minded legal advice to enterprises, organisations and individuals.

We find it of the utmost importance to provide quick, creative, competent and committed attendance to all clients irrespective of their line of business or size.

Our connection to Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) goes back to 1991 and we have as such been with LAW almost since the beginning.

The lawyers and support staff of Moltke-Leth Advokater have extensive experience dealing with international transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, banking, litigation, exporting and importing, business immigration, taxation and the establishment of businesses. Our client portfolio ranges from single person businesses to multinational corporations of both Danish and foreign origin.

Our attorneys get a thorough personal knowledge of the individual client, because a comprehensive view of the client's total business is essential in connection with providing quality legal advice. We prefer to offer legal counselling by a few experienced attorneys with a personal knowledge of the client to involving a large number of specialists.