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Champions of Innovation

Champions of Innovation Awards

LAW’s Champions of Innovation awards program is designed to recognize unique programs, services, products, processes, and events that improve the legal community and advance the business of law. Since this Champions of Innovation premiered in Munich in 2019, our world has changed drastically, and our LAW members have done amazing things to adapt to the new world we live in now.  We want to hear about them!

There are no predetermined categories, and participants are encouraged to “think outside the box.” The award is open to member firms or individuals in member firms.

How Do We Define Innovation?

A new practice (or a new approach to a traditional practice), a new software app, a new product, or anything that delivers great value and transformational impact in a creative fashion. The initiatives can be complex and involved (requiring large amounts of resources and commitment by dozens of individuals) or simple and easily implemented (with little or no cost or other resources). The main focus is on the innovation involved and how it improves the legal community and advances the business of law.

Submission Criteria and Eligibility Guidelines

Member firms are encouraged each year to submit their entries.  There will be a judging panel who will select the winner who be announced at the Annual General Meeting. Entries are evaluated based on:

– Innovation, creativity and originality

– Results/success of the project

– Significance and long-term impact

And the Winner Is…

LAW member firm Howard Kennedy LLP is the 2023 Champion of Innovation. Based in London, England, Howard Kennedy LLP was recognized for their entry at this year’s Annual General Meeting in Sydney, Australia. Stay tuned for details on future submissions, and who will be crowned LAW’s Champion of Innovation in 2024.