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About LAW

Answering the call for globally connected law firms

Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) was first established in 1989 as an unincorporated association. The organization was subsequently incorporated in 2001 under the Swiss Civil Code as a nonprofit association governed by Swiss law with its official seat in Bern, Switzerland. Our principal administrative office is in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Membership in LAW is by invitation only, and candidates for membership undergo a thorough due diligence process. We currently have over 100 member firms located in over 200 commercial jurisdictions in nearly sixty countries, representing a global resource of over 4,700 individual lawyers.

Our member firms are well known and respected in their local and regional markets. They serve a wide variety of sizes and types of private and public clientele. They are all successful, independent law firms, each with its own unique attributes and knowledge of its local market. All of our member firms have substantial experience representing middle market companies and high net worth individuals with cross-border legal needs.