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Member Since: 2016
Firm Size: 30 Lawyers
Phone: +506 4036 2000
Fax: +506 4036 2001


Sabana Business Center Floor 12
Avenida de las Americas, Calle 68
Mata Redonda, San Jose, Costa Rica
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P.O. Box 10101-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica


Alejandro Batalla
Phone: +506 4036 2009
Fax: +506 4036 2001


Rodrigo Zelaya
Phone: +506 4036 2005
Fax: +506 4036 2001

Mariano Batalla
Phone: +506 4036 2006
Fax: +506 4036 2001

Raul Guevara
Phone: +506 4036 2002
Fax: +506 4036 2001

Roger Guevara
Phone: +506 4036 2003
Fax: +506 4036 2001


Batalla has established long-standing relationships with many local and international companies, organisations and individuals that require the highest quality legal advise grounded on a true understanding of their economic and business environment.

Batalla offers quality consultancy services encompassing logistics and transportation, applying vast knowledge in international treaties as well as in local laws. The firm offers a wide variety of services related to company prosperity. Batalla Salto Luna's years of experience have prepared them to tackle internal management to restructuring, making valuable contributions from the start, regardless of the complexity involved. It performs mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and has helped build the Central American venture capital market. Additionally, the firm has provided a great deal of corporations with advice on their restructuring. Additional practices include public law, environmental law, labor law, tax law and dispute resolution.

Industries for which the Batalla does legal work includes: agro; construction; financial markets; free zones; mass consumption and distribution; real estate development; and regulated industries.