Kasaroğlu Law Office


Firm Overview

Kasaroğlu Law Office, established in 1967, focuses on litigation and in international law consultancy. The firm offers seven lawyers and two law apprentices, each fluent in Turkish and English. The firm strives to win in court and to better position the client after the dispute is resolved. The firm’s practice areas include corporate and commercial transactions, telecommunications, infrastructure projects, defense industry projects, foreign investment, intellectual property, construction, energy, water and natural resources, competition, bankruptcy and insolvency, and litigation and arbitration.

In consultancy cases, the office can play key roles in international projects of all sizes during development and implementation, having all necessary skills, experience and dedication to guarantee the best chance of success. In litigation cases, the strategy of the team is designed not just to win in court but to better position the client after dispute is resolved.

At Kasaroğlu Law Office, the attorneys look beyond the obvious to find creative solutions for their clients. By building partnerships with clients, they help them achieve their objectives.