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Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) was first established in 1989 as an unincorporated association. The organization was subsequently incorporated in 2001 under the Swiss Civil Code as a nonprofit association governed by Swiss law with its official seat in Bern, Switzerland. Our principal administrative office is in Denver, Colorado, USA./p>

Membership in LAW is by invitation only, and candidates for membership undergo a thorough due diligence process. We currently have over 100 member firms located in more than 50 countries, representing a global resource of more than 4,700 individual lawyers.

Our member firms are well known and respected in their local and regional markets. They serve a wide variety of sizes and types of private and public clientele. They are all successful, independent law firms, each with its own unique attributes and knowledge of its local market. All of our member firms have substantial experience representing middle market companies and high net worth individuals with cross-border legal needs.

Candidates for membership in LAW must generally be full-service business law firms with depth and expertise in a variety of core practice areas, including corporate, banking, finance and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions (and related transactional experience), taxation, real estate, commercial litigation and dispute resolution, and a range of other business-related practices, such as employment and labor law and intellectual property and technology.

LAW is divided geographically into three regions: Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Africa and Middle East. The organization is run by an Executive Committee that is elected by our member firms and represents all three of our regions. The Executive Committee, which serves on a volunteer basis, works closely with our Executive Director, Lorri Salyards, and her staff.

LAW’s one-time joining fee and annual dues are among the lowest of all competing international legal associations. We utilize a low cost model and have a very small staff. We do not spend a great deal of time or money on glossy brochures and expensive marketing materials, but that is not to say that we are simply a directory organization.

To the contrary, we believe that our members derive great value from the face-to-face networking opportunities afforded by our periodic meetings. Each Region hosts a Regional Meeting (March-May), and we hold an Annual General Meeting (September-November) for all of our member firms. These meetings have full, interactive agendas, and attendance is required. There are also less formal sub-regional meetings that members host from time-to-time during the year.

There are many other benefits of being a member in Lawyers Associated Worldwide. But without any doubt, the greatest benefit of membership is the comfort that our member firms gain from knowing that they have trusted, pre-screened, professional colleagues located all over the world, many of whom they have come to know personally from their attendance at LAW meetings, and all of whom abide by an agreed set of service standards and are readily available to assist them and their clients with their legal needs outside of their own local jurisdictions.

If you would like to know more about Lawyers Associated Worldwide, please contact our Recruiting Chair Celso Boscariol or Executive Director Lorri Salyards.