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Membership Criteria

Membership in Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) is by invitation only, and candidates for membership undergo a thorough due diligence process. Membership in LAW is available only to law firms. Individual lawyers are not considered for membership.

Our member firms are well known and respected in their local and regional markets. They serve a wide variety of sizes and types of private and public clientele. They are all successful, independent law firms, each with its own unique attributes and knowledge of its local market. LAW member firms have substantial experience representing middle market companies and high net worth individuals with cross-border legal needs.

Candidates for membership in LAW must generally be full-service business law firms with depth and expertise in a variety of core practice areas, including corporate, banking, finance and commercial law, taxation, mergers and acquisitions (and related transactional experience), real estate, commercial litigation and dispute resolution, and a range of other business-related practices, such as employment and labor law and intellectual property and technology.

Generally there is only one LAW member firm in each major business jurisdiction, although we do have a few jurisdictions with more than one member. A large country may have several distinct business jurisdictions and thus have more than one LAW member firm. All member firms are independent law firms. They are not affiliated in the practice of law, except in certain rare instances.

Candidates for membership are asked to complete a firm Profile, which is reviewed by the LAW Executive Committee. This form allows the Executive Committee to gather important comparative information about prospective members. If the Executive Committee approves the Profile, the candidate firm will then be invited to complete an Application for Membership. If approved by the Executive Committee, that Application is then circulated for review by all members.

While we prefer applicants that do not belong to other international legal associations, LAW permits its member firms to hold memberships in more than one legal network. Member firms are not precluded from making referrals to other lawyers and law firms that are not members of LAW. They are, however, encouraged to consider other LAW members when a referral situation arises. LAW and its members all recognize that the best interests of the client are always paramount, and that all lawyers have a professional obligation in any referral situation to choose the firm and lawyer that will best serve the client’s interests.

LAW is divided geographically into three regions: Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Africa and Middle East. New member firms pay a joining fee at the time that they become a member, and all member firms pay annual dues. In addition, each year the organization holds Regional Meetings (April – June) and an Annual General Meeting (September – November). Attendance at at least one regional meeting each year is strongly encouraged, and attendance at the Annual General Meeting each year is required. A registration fee is charged for each meeting to cover meals and other meeting costs.

We welcome inquiries from qualified applicants. If your firm is interested in being considered for membership in LAW, please request the Prospective Member Profile Form by emailing Executive Director Lorri Salyards. 

All questions regarding membership in LAW should be directed to either Recruiting Chair Marc Grüninger at or Executive Director Lorri Salyards at