Dear Friends, Colleagues and LAW Family,

These are challenging times as we have never seen before.

LAW is a global family. The COVID-19 crisis therefore impacts us more than most and is very personal to us all. LAW is not a faceless multi-national organization. It is each and every member of every member firm and their families. We need to take the best care of each other and ourselves, and LAW is committed to that simple but powerful cause.

We urge you to actively monitor Government advice as it is provided and make the necessary adjustments to your business and lifestyle to ensure your family and your entire firm’s health and safety is protected.

You have not been forgotten by LAW and be comforted knowing that the LAW Executive Committee is actively preparing a number of specific measures to counter the adverse effects of the pandemic on our members and their business and for the betterment of LAW.

We know many were disappointed that we cancelled the regional meetings, but now with hindsight it has proven to be the right decision. We have successfully managed to cancel the Melbourne and Helsinki meetings (as we insist on including a health crisis clause in our contracts) without significant financial loss, and are negotiating with the Monterrey group. At this time, the AGM in New York City in October is going ahead and we will keep you updated.

We are all in this together and together we will get through this. With that in mind, we would like to share some good news in the gloom:

1. The new LAW website is live: Please share it with your partners and staff and in your client news.

2. We are developing a new virtual member community to exchange ideas, facilitate referrals, and help keep us connected in lieu of in person meetings and networking during these trying times. Now, more than ever, we need to share our ideas and knowledge. This platform is multi-faceted and easy to use. It will allow communication in a diverse manner and finally allow us as a group to better share innovations, knowledge and resources. This new virtual community communication platform will be rolling out very soon.

3. Watch for communication from us regarding specialty webinars or conference calls in each region to discuss

• the biggest concerns which you are dealing with right now;
• steps you are taking to mitigate effects to your firm and your clients;
• how communication with your clients has evolved over the last days;
• unique aspects in your jurisdiction either helping or hindering what you need to do; and
• how LAW can help.

Stay tuned for announcements of these meeting times for next week.

4. Personal Communication is important. In the coming days the ExCo will contact each of you to discuss:

• how COVID-19 is affecting you personally and your business;
• how LAW can help you;
• how your own strategies can help other LAW members; and
• any ideas you have how LAW and its members can help each other.

We have all faced tough times before as nations, firms, and individuals, and tough times pass–they truly do.

The most important thing we can all do is stay positive and focus on what we can control and manage, and make sure that we give our best to help our members, families, colleagues, clients and communities each and every day until the blue skies return–and they will. In the meantime, we are absolutely determined to keep the LAW Family going.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and our CEO, we wish you and your families good health and strength.

Best regards,


Rechtsanwalt, Partner

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