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February 2014
LAW Newsletter

Chairman’s Corner

By Bill Savarino
Chairman, Lawyers Associated Worldwide

Greetings from Washington, D.C.

While AGMs are wonderful events in which to see old friends, exchange ideas, and share useful information, the true engine for generating business in our endearing network is the regional meeting.

Smaller, more intimate, and more geographically focused than our AGMs, regional meetings are the perfect environment in which to network.  Some members fare better at generating work through regional meetings than others.  I’ve spoken to a few of you about your approach and found common threads.  I thought I’d share some of your secrets for success. Read More »

A View from the Last Bus Stop

By Brian Everett
Vice Chairman, Lawyers Associated Worldwide

It’s that time of year again for the Meeting Planning Committee to plan regional meetings, in most cases earlier than in previous years, and to plan the Annual General Meeting (our 25th Anniversary meeting) two months earlier than normal.

Regional and annual meetings are the life blood of this organisation.  They provide legal business sessions, practice management sessions and address the vexed questions of client retention and attraction of new business.  Not surprisingly, as we are a culturally and geographically diverse group, there have been different reactions to some sessions and to the approach that a particular meeting or series of meetings takes. Read More »

Legal Advisory

Updates on Trademark Law
By Oliver Stöckel
v. Boetticher Hasse Lohmann

1. Who's entitled to Trademark Rights for (real) "Duff Beer" (German Federal Court of Justice, I ZR 135/11)?

Whoever knows "The Simpsons" also knows "Duff Beer" – the favorite beer of Homer Simpson. In the TV series, "Duff Beer" is cult. But does this also mean that those owning the rights in "The Simpsons" are also automatically entitled to the trademark "Duff Beer" for real beer as a merchandising product? This is the question the German Federal Court of Justice had to answer. Read More »

Marketing Advisory

Your Elevator Pitch
By Frank Mims V and Allan Colman

From our estimates, we will all meet approximately 830 new people in 2014. Of those, 707 of them will ask you this question: “What do you do?” Your response and the tone of your reply will dictate the direction, scope, connection and possibility of an ongoing business relationship with these new acquaintances. The elevator pitch is the first volley you serve across the net to develop a new business venture. As this quote widely attributed to American humorist Will Rogers succinctly puts it, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Read More »

New LAW Members

The three latest members of LAW are from Quito, Ecuador ; Beirut, Lebanon; and Manila, Philippines.

Fabara & Compañía Abogados (Americas Region)

Moghaizel Law Offices (Europe, Africa and Middle East Region)

DivinaLaw (Asia Pacific Region)