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JULY 2014
LAW Newsletter

Chairman’s Corner

By Bill Savarino
Chairman, Lawyers Associated Worldwide

Greetings from Washington, D.C.

My backward look at LAW spans 14 years. My firm joined in 2000. My first meeting was the AGM in Los Angeles, hosted by our former member, Doland & Gould.  I was overwhelmed by the warmth and openness of not only Howard Gould and Michael Doland but all the LAW delegates. I was in the company of lawyers from around the world, who worked at firms like mine, who shared similar clients, who struggled with similar problems, and who shared similar business interests.  I had never felt more comfortable in the company of lawyers. I recall vividly tossing back cold beers at Gladstone's on a perfect afternoon on a slice of heaven called Malibu beach, playing volleyball with lawyers whom I just met but seemingly knew my whole life.  That evening, after more beers, a happy minstrel from Stockholm, Bjorn Feijen joined us all in song about the virtues of being lawyers. I will never forget that night.  It wasn't just the song we sung or the way we sung it, it wasn't just the enthusiasm of the Swedish lawyer/musician who led us; the hook for me was the profound feeling of fellowship and connectedness between us. I left the meeting feeling inspired and rededicated as a lawyer.  Every LAW meeting I've attended since has stoked those same feelings, which is one of the unique things about this organization that we should all take pride in and preserve. Read More »

A View from the Last Bus Stop

Memo on the 2014 Regional Meetings
By Brian Everett
Vice Chairman, Lawyers Associated Worldwide

LAW regional meetings in 2014 were held in Houston, Texas, USA (Americas), Perth, Western Australia (Asia Pacific) and Prague, Czech Republic (EAME).

I had the privilege of attending all regional meetings, each of which had its own cultural stamp that reflected the location of the meeting and variety of delegates attending. Read More »

Marketing Advisory

Today's Business Development Requires "BOLD"
By Allan Colman
The Closers Group

"Fortune favours the bold" – Virgil

When it comes to preparing the most comprehensive business development strategy, it may be tempting to take the easy road and play it safe. While your research and background work will have helped you take the first steps toward success, being in front of the client is no time to rest on your laurels and take a laid-back approach. Closing skills need to be supported by clever, multifaceted tactics informed by not only the homework that you’ve done on the prospect, but also your past performance. Read More »

Legal Update

Recent Agreements to Avoid Double Taxation Subscribed by Colombia
By Lloreda Camacho & Co.
Bogota, Colombia

1.   Agreement with Mexico to avoid double taxation on Income tax and property tax.

Despite having entered into force on July 11th, 2013, the provisions of this convention will only have effects on the operations performed from January 1st of the taxable year 2014, having in mind that the agreement relates to income and property taxes, which are imposed on a yearly basis. Read More »

Aussie Lawyer Nick Johansen Experiences LAW Texas Style

Becoming a lawyer with a worldview and an eye toward developing a future that includes international clients is no longer a "what if" for the Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) network, but more likely a reality. Therefore, LAW is acknowledging this by moving forward with the Bjorn Feijen Young Lawyers Exchange and the LAW Junior Lawyers Network (JLN). Read More »

Canadian Subregion Sponsors Event at Conference of Canadian Corporate Counsel

The Canadian Subregion is actively working on building a subregional LAW brand and being recognized as a go-to legal network by general counsels across Canada.  In their second year of sponsorship, the subregion sponsored a tailgate party in Calgary for the 2014 Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA) on 6-8 April 2014. All Canadian LAW member firms attended, including a weekend subregional meeting event that preceded the CCCA meeting. Read More »

First LAW Intellectual Property Lawyers Meeting in Hong Kong

By Micheline Dessureault
Joli-Coeur Lacasse S.E.N.C.R.L.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Some of LAW, specialized in Intellectual Property lawyers, who attended the International Trademark Association annual meeting in Hong Kong in early May, decided to meet face to face, to further develop the business and friendship relations existing amongst the LAW member firms. Read More »

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