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LAW Newsletter

Chairman's Corner:
A View from the Last Bus Stop

By Brian Everett
Chairman, Lawyers Associated Worldwide

The 25th Anniversary AGM of LAW held in Denver, Colorado was a significant event, not just because we celebrated the growth and development of our organisation over that 25 year period, reflected on the past and honoured the contributions of the people who had gone before, but also it enabled us to lay the platform for the future of LAW, the changes we need to make and the standards and principles of the organisation we need to preserve. Read More »

Meet the New Law Chairman and Vice Chair

A new leadership era began as Chairman Brian Everett and Vice Chair Kathy Deutsch were elected in September at the AGM in Denver, Colorado, USA. Brian and Kathy each have deep knowledge of how LAW functions, both having served on the Executive Committee. Read More »

Legal Articles

More Change to Canada's Intellectual Property Laws on the Way
By Eric D. Lavers

On October 23, 2014, as part of the fall budget bill, the federal Government quietly tabled the second in a series of substantial reform packages to Canada's existing intellectual property regime. Following the introduction of new trademark laws earlier this year, a similar update of Canada's industrial design and patent laws will take effect when the bill is passed. Read More »

LNG as Marine Fuel. The State of Affairs in The Netherlands
By Marcel Fruytier

LNG fuel (Liquefied Natural Gas) is used more and more worldwide as a fuel in transportation and, in particular, in shipping. The advantage of this type of fuel (in comparison to the use of fuel oil, diesel and LPG) is its higher durability, with a CO2 and NOx emission decrease of 20% and 50-60%, respectively; sulphur emission disappears almost completely. These improvements provide the possibility to meet the strengthening environmental requirements for the maritime industry. The noise emission is also reduced by the use of LNG. The durability of LNG could result for The Netherlands in 2.7 billion euros of additional economic growth and additional employment of 8,000 people in 2030. It has been stated that the increase in the use of LNG would not lead towards more dependence on Russian gas. Multiple gas streams, for example from Qatar, are rather at stake. Read More »

Portuguese Golden Visa Boosts Real Estate Market
By Inês Maltez Fernandes

Since the legal provisions of Order 11820-A/2012, of 4 September 2012, as amended by Order 1661-A/2013, of 25 January 2013 (hereinafter 'Golden Visa Regulations'), were enacted in Portugal, foreign (non-EU) investors have been applying for a Temporary Portuguese Residence Permit by making a substantial investment in Portugal. Read More »

BP: Grammar more valuable than oil?
By Peter Murray

The Supreme Court in Texas may soon decide whether a "missing comma" will give BP access to Transocean's' $750m insurance in relation to Macondo. The Macondo blowout and the explosion that followed killed 11 workers and set off the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history. Read More »

Allan Colman Leads Online Global Marketing Training for Junior Lawyer Network

Business trainer/accelerator Allan Colman, who is CEO of Los Angeles firm The Closers Group led two online training sessions for LAW's newly-formed Junior Lawyer Network (JLN). Allan conducted sessions on "Win and Keep Business: Where ethics, marketing and practice development connect". Several firms had all their junior lawyers participate in the webinar. Participants included members in the Australia, The Netherlands, Canada, Venezuela, Scotland, England, Nigeria, Germany, and the US. Read More »

LAW EU Labor & Employment Group Holds Meeting in Hamburg

The LAW EU Labor & Employment Group met at the offices of Esche Schümann Commichau in Hamburg at the end of October. Read More »

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