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LAW Newsletter

Chairman's Corner:
A View from the Last Bus Stop

By Brian Everett
Chairman, Lawyers Associated Worldwide

The last in this year's sequence of regional meetings was the Americas meeting held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the end of May. That meeting concluded the 2015 sequence of regional meetings, with prior meetings having been held in Madrid, Spain (EAME) and in Guangzhou, China (Asia Pacific). Read More »

A Message from LAW's Vice Chair:
An Unexpected Success Story

By Kathy Deutsch
Vice Chair, Lawyers Associated Worldwide

The most obvious advantage of belonging to Lawyers Associated Worldwide is the ability to ask other members to assist my clients, and this I do whenever it is necessary for me to seek advice outside my jurisdiction on a client's behalf. However, one of my clients received assistance in a way that was unexpected, but most welcome. Read More »

Legal Articles

Shareholder Activism in Germany on the Rise
By Patrick Nordhues

Activist investors are well known in the USA. Also in Germany, active investors building up material stakes in German stock listed companies are seen more frequently since the start of the financial crisis. In particular, hedge funds try to make profits in connection with public takeovers or by taking advantage of the minority shareholder rights granted under the German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz). Prominent names like Cevian, Elliott or Third Point have recently been present in Germany. Currently, the US billionaire and activist investor Mason Hawkins has acquired via his investment vehicle, Southeastern Asset Management, a stake of 3.06 percent in Adidas AG, the famous German sportswear group. He is now the third largest shareholder after BlackRock and Société Générale. For now, Hawkins is in waiting position and has only published his investment. At least, he should be familiar with the German market and the legal framework since he played an important role in the public takeover of the German construction group Hochtief AG by the Spanish ACS group. Read More »

Swiss Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Federal Inheritance Tax Initiative
By Gerhard Roth and Michael Walther

On 14 June 2015, Swiss voters massively rejected a popular initiative for the introduction of a 20% federal tax on inheritance. The initiative supported by the political left and trade unions was rejected by a clear majority of 71% of the votes cast. The initiative proposed to reform taxation of inherited fortunes and gifts, transferring the power to tax from the cantons to the federal level. The initiative would have slapped a 20% tax on inheritances and gifts of more than 2 million Swiss francs (US$2.2 million) passed directly onto children. Read More »

Junior Lawyers Network

The Junior Lawyers Network (JLN) continues to expand its offers of teleconferences and webinars to its global junior lawyers, covering professional topics that are chosen to support them through learning best practices. Last year, the network had a webinar "Win & Keep New Business". Earlier this year, they heard the experiences of LAW leaders, Vice Chair Kathy Deutsch and former Chairman Bill Savarino. In July, Ross Fishman of Fishman Marketing presented a webinar "Strategy and Social Media: Telling your personal story online". The webinar is designed to illustrate how all lawyers can upgrade their online reputation and avoid the ethical obstacles. Read More »

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