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October 2016
LAW Newsletter

Chairman's Corner

View from the Last Stop
By Brian Everett
Chairman, Lawyers Associated Worldwide

The LAW Annual General Meeting in London is fast approaching with "kick-off" being less than a calendar month from now. We have an excellent Agenda containing a great balance of provoking sessions and opportunities for networking and socializing with other members. The attendance is excellent, representing a higher proportion of our current membership than in most years. Read More »

Legal Alert

New Federal Overtime Rule is a Boon to Employees, a Potential Minefield for Their Employers
By Laurent S. Drogin and Jonathan S. Hershberg
Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP
New York City, New York, USA

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced on May 18 its final, long-awaited revisions of the rules that govern the salary cutoff for the "white collar" overtime exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The changes are dramatic; their effects will be widespread and difficult for many employers to navigate. It is important that employers begin to prepare as soon as possible. Read More »

AGM Speakers Share Their Expertise

The Power of Irrational Pricing
By Richard Burcher
London, England, UK

For over a decade, we have taught the law firms that we work with, the concept of providing clients with pricing choice. This manifests itself in a clear articulation of several discrete pricing methodologies to the client at the outset of the matter. The pros and cons of each of them from the client's perspective are also clearly articulated and the client is then invited to select the best one from their perspective. Read More »

Brexit: Its Impact on the Legal Market
By Alan Hodgart
Hodgart Associates
London, England, UK

As the dust settles from the seismic aftershocks of the recent referendum result, some of the key issues it raises in relation to the UK legal market are clearer, although their impact is still very uncertain. Too many post Brexit comments have been based on a 'knee jerk' response, and we think it is important to state up front that very little can be predicted about outcomes with confidence until several key decisions are made and the results known. Read More »

Junior Lawyer Network (JLN)

Emma's Grand Adventure/Also Known as Practice Development
By Emma Farnell
Ward Keller
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

In the (North American) summer of 2015 I had the privilege of being the second participant of the Bjorn Feijen Lawyer Exchange Program and attending the 2015 Americas Regional Meeting of Lawyers Associated Worldwide in Calgary, Alberta (Canada).  I was lucky enough to both attend the Regional Meeting and stay in Calgary for an extended period of time, being hosted by the good folks at Carscallen LLP.  Travelling from small town Darwin (116,000 people) to the bustling hub of the Alberta was eye-opening, but it was comforting to know that commitment to the law and client service transcends borders (which is what I found at Carscallen LLP). Carscallen LLP generously provided an office and the invaluable ability to experience the law and the business of law in Canada. Read More »

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