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February 2018
LAW Newsletter

Chairman's Corner

By Kathleen Deutsch
Chairman, Lawyers Associated Worldwide

It is the beginning of 2018 for Lawyers Associated Worldwide. On reflection, we completed 2017 with the addition of 12 new strong firms around the globe. We also had three successful regional meetings in Atlanta, Georgia, Aberdeen, Scotland, and Adelaide, Australia and finished up with a well-attended and information-packed Annual General Meeting in Miami, Florida. In 2018, we are focused not only on valuable meetings and growing the membership, but effectively utilizing technology and social media. Read More »

Cyber Security

Cyber Security – The 4 Things Every Lawyer Should Know
By Brad Deflin
Total Digital Security

1) Cyber Risk Has Gone Existential

Our everyday environment, personally and professionally, is increasingly "connected" and vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals from around the world. Read More »

Legal Topics

The following articles are provided for information on current legal topics. Because laws change constantly, the content of the articles may not reflect the changes or the complete aspects of the law. Any of the content should not be construed as legal advice from Lawyers Associated Worldwide or its LAW member firms.

New Luxembourg IP Tax Law Regime
By David Maria and Emmanuelle Ragot
Wildgen S.A.

Intellectual property (hereinafter "IP") is a key factor in economic growth. In this respect, draft law n°7163 was tabled on 4 August (hereinafter "Project"). As part of the OECD and G20 BEPS Action Plan, countries agreed that any preferential regime should meet the requirement of substantial activity in order to realign taxation of profits with the origin of economic activities. Regarding IP regimes, consensus on the "nexus approach" was reached, an approach that considers research and development (hereinafter "R&D") expenditures to be indicative of the activity needed to enable a taxpayer to benefit from these regimes to the extent and proportion of R&D expenditures that generate IP revenues. Read More »

The Affordable Care Act: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
By David Mosier
Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C.
Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that it will begin issuing letters regarding potential pay or play penalties to Applicable Large Employers ("ALE") for the year 2015. Indications are that employers will begin receiving the letters in December 2017 – Happy Holidays! The form of the notice is IRS Letter 226J. Read More »

Revision of the Electricity Supply Act (StromVG)
By Marc Grüninger and Patrick Locher
GHR Rechtsanwälte AG
Zurich, Switzerland

Since power supply systems constitute a natural monopoly, unregulated conditions bring about market failure. Inter alia, power supply systems are regulated to prevent network operators from levying inflated prices. In Switzerland, this regulation is laid down in the Electricity Supply Act (StromVG), which became effective on 1 January 2008. The purpose of StromVG is to ensure secure electricity supply and a competitive electricity market. Moreover, StromVG's aim is to guarantee a sustainable electricity supply in all parts of the country and to keep the Swiss power industry competitive. Read More »

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