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February 2018
LAW Newsletter

Chairman’s Corner

By Kathleen Deutsch
Broad and Cassel LLP
Chairman, Lawyers Associated Worldwide

It is the beginning of 2018 for Lawyers Associated Worldwide. On reflection, we completed 2017 with the addition of 12 new strong firms around the globe. We also had three successful regional meetings in Atlanta, Georgia, Aberdeen, Scotland, and Adelaide, Australia and finished up with a well-attended and information-packed Annual General Meeting in Miami, Florida. In 2018, we are focused not only on valuable meetings and growing the membership, but effectively utilizing technology and social media.

This year LAW is developing a new web site. We have listened to your suggestions and are incorporating them into the development. We are evaluating how to make the new LAW website more interactive and useful to site visitors. Therefore, this could be my last communication via newsletter because web development may include a place for LAW members to post members' firm news, replacing a newsletter. You will be hearing more about this as the project progresses toward final development. Secondly, we are giving greater weight to LinkedIn as an important global social media tool for business and our legal network. We will use the LinkedIn LAW page as another place to share information. We encourage you join the Lawyers Associated Worldwide group on LinkedIn to post your firm news and present relevant topics of interest to our members.

Finally, the upcoming 2018 regional meetings are being planned with members' feedback and will reflect those topics of importance to LAW members. We continue to strive to provide networking opportunities and valuable information to take back to your firms. I look forward to convening regional meetings soon in Hong Kong (March), San José, Costa Rica (April) and Stockholm (May).

I will see you soon.