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17-20 September 2014
Annual General Meeting

Denver, Colorado, USA
Hosted by Berenbaum Weinshienk PC

6-8 March 2014
Americas Regional Meeting

Houston, Texas, USA
Hosted by Burleson LLP

3-5 April 2014
Asia Pacific Regional Meeting
Perth, Australia
Hosted by Lavan Legal

22-24 May 2014
Europe, Africa & Middle East Regional Meeting

Prague, Czech Republic
Hosted by Weinhold Legal, v.o.s.

2015 Events

26-28 March 2015
Asia Pacific Meeting
Guangzhou, China
Hosted by Schinders Law

28-30 May 2015
Americas Regional Meeting
Calgary, Alberta, Canada Hosted by Carscallen LLP

7-10 October 2015
Annual General Meeting
Shanghai, China
Hosted by Pu Dong Law Office

(Dates to be announced)
Europe, Africa & Middle East Regional Meeting
Madrid, Spain
Hosted by Rousaud Costas Duran SLP

New Members

W.K. To & Co.
Hong Kong, P. R. China

Lisbon, Portugal








Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) is celebrating its 25th year of working together as a global association of over 100 independent law firms located in over 50 countries. With access to its nearly 4000 lawyers worldwide, membership in LAW allows member firms to service the legal needs of clients that are expanding their operations and relationships into new domestic and foreign markets because of the increasing globalization of the business world. Our membership is just a phone call or an email away from responding to clients’ needs, whether they occur across state, provincial or country lines.