Join LAW

Membership Benefits

As a LAW member firm, you’ll gain access to many benefits that come with being part of an internationally connected network. Membership benefits include the following:

  1. Protection of client base
  2. Ability to serve client needs beyond local districts
  3. Quick access to pre-screened, high quality foreign law firms with local expertise
  4. Uniform Service Standards followed by member firms
  5. Middle-market law firms with regular representation of middle-market clients
  6. A forum for exchange of law office marketing, management and finance issues
  7. Expansion of legal and business knowledge beyond local jurisdiction
  8. Exchange of business opportunities for clients
  9. Membership in global network serves as powerful marketing tool
  10. LAW website,, showcase of individual members and network
  11. Inbound referrals of new business from other members
  12. Electronic newsletter with member and organization news
  13. Close personal relationships with lawyers all over the world
  14. Courtesy access to professional facilities in foreign jurisdictions
  15. Generation of new local clients with business abroad
  16. Young lawyer exchange program
  17. Involvement of Emerging Leaders