Specialty Groups

To receive more information on these LAW groups, LAW members may email Lorri Salyards.


European Employment Group (EEG)

The LAW European Employment Group is made up of experienced labour and employment lawyers from more than 20 jurisdictions. Working across all industry sectors, our members provide the full range of labour and employment law services. Visit https://europeanemploymentlaw.eu/ for more information.

U.S./Canada Employment Group

The LAW U.S./Canada Employment Group is made up of experienced labour and employment lawyers from more than 25 jurisdictions in the United States and Canada. The group holds conferences regularly to update its members on the latest employment issues. 

Employment Articles for Canada and the U.S.

Intellectual Property Group

The LAW IP Group holds regular conferences to update its members on the latest global intellectual property issues. Members of this group attend the annual conferences such as the International Trademark Association Conference (INTA) where they have planned network events and gather knowledge for their global clients.

Mergers and Acquisitions Group

The M&A Group is composed of experts and teams within member firms providing legal support for international, cross-border M&A transactions. Members of this group represent jurisdictions around the world. Working together, this group services both existing and potential clients and has proven experience of working on deals that span 50 jurisdictions in one transaction.

Dispute Resolution Group

The LAW Dispute Resolution group holds regular conferences on various issues of litigation and arbitration, among others. The group is currently focused on cross-border claims issues and has developed a LAW Cross-Border Claims Multi-Jurisdiction Guide, which is available to all LAW members.

   Dispute Resolution Articles for Canada and the U.S.

Cannabis Practice Group

The LAW Cannabis Practice Group meet quarterly for its members in the U.S. and Canada who have clients in this industry. The group serves to update and assist its members in providing their clients with the most current legal information on this growing industry.

Marketing/Business Development Group

The Marketing/Business Development Group’s membership has members from varying sizes of firms throughout LAW’s network who meet to share ideas for tried and proven effective business development plans. They also assist each other in identifying new possible ways of marketing to enhance the exposure of the firm and their firms’ membership in LAW.

Environmental Group

The Environmental Group hosts regular meetings of lawyers practicing in environmental, natural resources, sustainability, and administrative law to discuss new legislative or regulatory developments that may affect their respective practices within specific jurisdictions and to discuss international examples for improving or harmonizing those fields of law among various jurisdictions.

Managing Partners Forum

The LAW Managing Partners Forum provides a place for discussion of key issues that managing partners and firm administrators must deal with in law firms. The teleconferences provide topics from outside experts on dealing with various issues and a forum for discussions of sensitive issues such as addiction and other leadership issues that managing partners face in law firms.


Subregion Groups

Australia/New Zealand


The Canadian Subregion has regular teleconferences and meets yearly as a subregion in Canadian member offices. Besides its cross-border capabilities, the Canadian Subregion Group assists clients across Canada for national legal issues. Visit http://www.lawyersworldwide.ca/ for more information.


The subregion communicates regularly through WeChat. In-person meetings take place once or twice a year. 

Eastern U.S.

The Eastern Americas group has members from the Eastern United States and meets via teleconference regularly.

Latin Americas

The Latin Americas Subregion has members from Central and South America, and has regularly scheduled teleconferences and meetings. The group has the cross-border capabilities to assist LAW clients doing business in more than 10 countries in Central and South America.

Western U.S.

The Western Americas group has members from the Western United States and meets via teleconference regularly.