Mexico City

Bello, Gallardo, Bonequi y García, S.C.


Primary Contact Carlos Bello email phone +52 55 5292 5232
Secondary Contact Miguel Gallardo email phone +52 55 5292 5232
Secondary Contact Federico De Palacio email phone +52 55 5292 5232
Emerging Leader Andrea del Carmen Pinto Estrada email phone +52 55 5292 5232
Emerging Leader Janeth Giordano Serna email phone +52 55 5292 5232

Firm Overview

BGBG Culture
At BGBG, we have built a culture strongly rooted in people-centered values and standards; we appreciate hard and planned work that generates excellence results.

We are comprised of a group of highly specialized professionals, capable of accompanying our clients in an honest, close, and sincere manner.

We are committed to developing our community; family; and collaborators. We are committed, especially, to our own development, as we believe that fulfillment is the basis for growth and common well-being.

To provide solutions and highly specialized advice in an agile, clear, and sincere manner, generating positive results for our clients that result in their growth, as well as that of our collaborators and family.

To be the law firm in Mexico with the highest loyalty degree towards our clients and BGBGs, so that we are an exemplary institution inspiring excellence, commitment, and specialty to achieve sustained BGBGs and clients growth.

Loyalty: support, respect, fidelity, and mutual empathy, which grows and maintains itself through the coexistence with the people around us.
Caring: sincere, empathetic, and positive personality that communicates trust, acceptance, and closeness.
Quality: work made with excellence to reach the desired results by internal and external clients.
Innovation: permanent change process that allows us to evolve and break paradigms, as well as to generate added value and offer new products in order to always make easier the life of our clients and BGBGs.

Other Offices:
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Mérida,  Mexico
  • Queretaro, Mexico