Primary Contact Jeroen Latour email phone +31 88 8006 506
Secondary Contact Arjen Paardekooper email phone +31 88 8006 507
Emerging Leader Adam Kiolle email phone +31 20 5210 100
Emerging Leader Rachelle Mourits email phone +31 0 20 52 10 100
Emerging Leader Marty Schellekens email phone +31 20 5210 100

Firm Overview

Blenheim is a Dutch business and corporate law firm with an edge:

– legal quality and integrity, – an eye for the needs of our clients, – responsiveness, and – the aim to provide real value for money.

We believe our role is to address our clients legal needs in concert with their business goals, to evaluate options and provide solutions.

The quality of our firm rests upon:

– the quality of our attorneys, – their accessibility and – efficiency.

Our attorneys share outstanding academic backgrounds, as well as a sincere commitment to legal excellence. The firm’s attorneys have a broad geographical and educational background, and their diversity and individuality create a working environment that fosters the positive development of individual and personal styles of practice.

We have organized our firm to render services through specific areas of practice, and encourage our attorneys to obtain training and experience in more than one area so that they may better recognize and deal with unpredictable legal situations that may arise.