Minneapolis, Minnesota

Felhaber Larson


Primary Contact Sara McGrane email phone +1 612 373 8511
Secondary Contact Daniel Kelly email phone + 612 373 8512
Secondary Contact Penelope (Penny) Phillips email phone +1 612 373 8428
Emerging Leader Ryan Olson email phone +1 612 373 8514
Emerging Leader Scott Blake email phone +1 612 373 8538

Firm Overview

Felhaber Larson is a full-service law firm with a 75-year history of serving clients in business and commercial transactions, banking and financial services, taxation, real estate, commercial litigation, labor and employment law, immigration, intellectual property, health law, and energy, among others. We believe in partnering with our clients because building a strong client relationship develops a cohesive and efficient approach to delivering legal services. Our understanding of client needs makes our expertise cost-effective.

The strength of our legal team is built on individual experiences. We know the strengths and expertise of our attorneys and can quickly direct work to the person who can most efficiently provide our clients with guidance and answers.

Our mission is to be the law firm that consistently delivers results with impact beyond our size, by combining our deep knowledge of the law with our uncommon strength in relationship building.

Teamwork is the way Felhaber does business. The Felhaber attorney of your choice heads up your team. This attorney is available to answer questions, respond to last-minute needs and provide status reports. But you can always contact another knowledgeable member of your team when practical or necessary.

Our goal is to create continuity of services and creativity in problem-solving.