Lloreda Camacho & Co.


Primary Contact Andrés Hidalgo email phone +57 326 4270 ext. 1222
Secondary Contact Gustavo Tamayo email phone +57 1 326 4270 ext. 1003
Secondary Contact Luis DAchiardi (Marketing Manager) email phone +57 1 326 4270 ext. 1246
Emerging Leader Maria Alejandra De Los Ríos Rueda email phone +57 1 326 4270

Firm Overview

LLOREDA CAMACHO & CO. was founded in 1941 and is a full service law firm that caters specially to foreign and multinational clientele doing business in Colombia. Our firm is focused towards a preventive law service, helping our clients plan their business from a legal standpoint, and thus, not only do we render a very high quality service, but we structure a strategic counseling for the development of our client’s business in Colombia. Our client base is constituted mostly by the parent companies of multinational companies with subsidiaries or branches in Colombia.

Our law firm’s areas of practice include among others corporate and commercial law, tax law, customs and foreign trade, labor and immigration law, foreign investment and exchange control law, financial law, project finance and infrastructure, litigation, administrative and state contract law, contractual and tort law, health and sanitary law, transportation law, insurance law, civil law, commercial law, intellectual property matters and competition and consumer law. We count on correspondent offices and alliances worldwide, which allow us to offer superior global services in different jurisdictions.

We have developed a strong culture of team work as we have proven that this is the best way to render a sound and continuous service to our clients. LLOREDA CAMACHO & CO. is a strategic ally in the business activities of its clients, renders a timely services, wherein its knowledge and high commitment with excellence are essential.