Boston, Massachusetts

Sassoon & Cymrot LLP


Primary Contact Lewis Sassoon email phone +1 617 720 0099
Secondary Contact Jeffrey Cymrot email phone +1 617 936 5262
Emerging Leader Bridget Moran email phone +1 617 936 5267

Firm Overview

Sassoon & Cymrot focuses in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, civil litigation, e-commerce, and bankruptcy law. In addition to our specialties, our reputation for legal excellence now extends into a wide range of concentrations, most notably in real estate, tax abatement, eminent domain, probate, construction, intellectual property, and personal injury. Our lawyers currently work with and represent a full scope of businesses, from small retail to large publicly owned corporations. Our clients include manufacturers and distributors.

As an experienced, aggressive law firm, we welcome the challenges of the legal system. We are dedicated to our profession and committed to our clients: We appreciate that our strength and success is a direct measure of the quality, depth, and personalized attention we give to our clients and their needs.