What can you do if your visa is about to expire?

Partner Antonia Torr, with our London, England LAW member firm Howard Kennedy LLP gives guidance on the immigration issues individuals may be facing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It is clear that we are living in challenging times at the moment – we are all learning how to maximise the flour in our cupboards to make pasta or teach our children basic calculus. Some may say that it would be a step too far to get the kids to do your annual tax return as homework but there is no better school than the school of life!

Putting all of those challenges aside, there may be more serious challenges in your life if you or a loved one is in the United Kingdom on some form of immigration visa. The purpose of this FAQ article is to provide you with some of the most relevant information, issued by the Home Office, with respect to individual visas taking into consideration the current COVID-19 circumstances. If you are a business owner, HR professional or sponsored worker then do also check out our “Corporate Immigration FAQ” post.

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