Fontaine & Cía Abogados


Primary Contact Francisco Fontaine email phone +56 2 2368 1203
Secondary Contact Hernán Fontaine email phone +56 2 2368 1201

Firm Overview

Fontaine & Cia was founded in 1987 with the mission of providing legal advice at the very highest level of excellence. During 2003, it widened its fields of specialization following a successful merger which gave it its present structure.

A team of lawyers dedicated to the most important branches of the law work closely with the partners. Because of its orientation towards serving corporate clients, Fontaine & Cia has developed special strengths in civil, commercial and labor law, as well as defending client’s interests in the courts.

Excellence in service, a clear sense of commitment, and a strict code of ethical conduct form the basis for the long-term relationships that Fontaine & Cia builds up daily with all its clients.