Fruytier Lawyers in Business has advised seller in the sale of Business Mobile to hallo,. Business Mobile, founded in 2003, is a renowned provider of KPN1-services and has a strong focus on creating telecom solutions that integrates business communications. Hallo, is the ICT-partner for all entrepreneurs and SME-companies.

Fruytier Lawyers in Business has also advised its long-lasting client The Green Lab Co. B.V. in its acquisition of Savvy, which is described as a bold step towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

The Green Lab Co. B.V focusses on manufacturing and selling long-lasting refill Hand Soap Tablets. “A soap that smells heavenly and is natural too! All you need are the tablets and a bottle with a foaming pump. The fate of the ‘Zero Waste’ revolution is now also in your hands! Working together for a better world tomorrow!”. Savvy has been at the forefront of challenging the practices in the personal care market. Why continue to buy water in plastic bottles when we all have a tap at home?

Fruytier Lawyers in Business’ core team comprised Myrddin van Westendorp, Koen Wanders and Vincent van Oosteren from our Corporate Team.

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