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New Regulation on Entry Restrictions for Foreigners During ‘New Normal’ by AKSET Law

02 November 2020
In consideration of the continuous Covid-19 outbreak but with the need to recover the national economy, the Minister of Law and Human Rights (the “Minister”) enacted the Minister Regulation No. 26 of 2020 dated October 1, 2020 on Visas and Stay Permits During New Habits Adaptation or as commonly referred to as the “New Normal” […] Read More

Client Alert: Updated State of Colorado Evictions Procedure During COVID Regulation by Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti, LLP

26 October 2020
On June 13, 2020, Governor Polis issued an executive order temporarily curtailing eviction proceedings to provide relief to Coloradans affected by COVID-19. Since then, the Governor has issued a series of extensions and added requirements on how evictions may proceed. The current state of the law requires a 30-day notice period as well as compliance […] Read More

COVID-19 as an “Occupational Disease” by Watson Goepel LLP

26 October 2020
In August the B.C. government implemented changes to the Workers Compensation Act through Bill 23, which received Royal Assent on August 14, 2020. Several notable changes were introduced; one of these changes widened the “Occupational Disease” framework to capture COVID-19 infection in certain circumstances. Click here to read the full article. Click here to learn more […] Read More

Congratulations to Robin Stinson from Bell, Davis & Pitt, PA

05 October 2020
Attorney Robin J. Stinson is now a certified arbitrator through the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). While Robin has previously served as an arbitrator in NC family law cases, this AAML certification represents another level of distinction. She is one of only 15 AAML-certified arbitrators in the state of North Carolina. Robin pursued AAML arbitration certification […] Read More

The Rule of Law in Fighting Covid-19 Pandemic by Tay & Partners

05 October 2020
Malaysia had made numerous features in international media this year, with high praise for making great strides in managing the Covid-19 outbreak. The government had acted swiftly to put the spread of Covid-19 under control, by putting in place not only movement restrictions but also multiple economic initiatives to ensure as minimal impact as possible […] Read More

GHR advises CEMEX in $1.00 Billion Offering of Senior Secured Notes by GHR Rechtsanwälte AG

30 September 2020
GHR Rechtsanwälte represented CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. (NYSE: CX), the global building materials company, in a U.S.$1. billion aggregate principal amount offering of Senior Secured Notes. The Notes are denominated in U.S. Dollars and bear interest semi-annually at an annual rate of 5.200%. They mature on September 17, 2030. BNP Paribas Securities Corp., BofA Securities, […] Read More

Employers: Apply By September 30, 2020 for Unemployment Tax Relief by Stokes Lawrence, P.S.

28 September 2020
Employers who had to furlough employees due to COVID-19 must apply now for help lowering their 2021 unemployment tax rates. Legislation from this past spring created a $25 million account to help relieve tax burdens for employers affected by COVID-19. Employers must apply to have this account offset benefit charges to avoid those benefits charges […] Read More

Client COVID-19 Insights Center/Newsflash by Akset Law

14 September 2020
Government to Grant Subsidy for Workers Affected by COVID-19 Read More

Build It 2020: Flexible Working in the Construction Industry – Interview with Jennifer Young from Ledingham Chalmers LLP.

03 September 2020
Flexible Working in the Construction Industry - Interview with Jennifer Young Read More

Real Estate ADVISOR LAW BLOG by Ulmer & Berne LLP

03 September 2020
COVID-19 Related Cases to Watch in the Commercial Real Estate Industry Read More

COVID-19 and Considerations for March-In Rights and Compulsory Licenses by Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP

01 September 2020
Introduction: How has COVID-19 Affected the Medical Research Market? Read More

Closing a business deal remotely? Know the risks by Dickinson Wright PLLC

31 August 2020
The onset of the pandemic has created rapid change in business practices, as companies move from in-person work to offsite locales. Accompanying this change has been a variety of new business ventures, products and services, as enterprising companies and individuals seek ways to bring innovations to the virtual business world. But in their zeal to bring […] Read More

Agricultural Employers COVID-19 Update: September 7 Deadline for Reimbursement Applications, Mandatory Paid Leave, Required Outbreak Testing, and More by Stokes Lawrence, P.S.

31 August 2020
During the past week, Washington State has implemented several additional programs aimed at containing and reducing the spread of COVID-19 in agricultural communities. This update is a must-read for employers in all areas of the agricultural industry. Mandatory Paid Sick Leave A new Proclamation 20-67 – Food Production Workers Paid Leave requires agricultural employers to provide up […] Read More

Updates to rental lease rights and obligations during COVID-19 by Rigby Cooke Lawyers

25 August 2020
Treasurer Tim Pallas announced that the Victorian Government will extend its moratorium on evictions and rental increases for both residential and commercial tenancies in Victoria until 31 December 2020. There will be some specific exceptions to this rule, the details of which are yet to be identified. According to the Treasurer, “… we will now make […] Read More

Legal Alert by Biriş Goran SPARL

25 August 2020
LAW 179/2020 APPROVING  GEO 70/2020 CHANGES REGARDING THE SOCIAL PROTECTION MEASURES IN THE EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIPS CONTEXT Law no. 179/2020 approving Government Emergency Ordinance no. 70/2020 (“GEO 70/2020”) regulating certain measures, applicable as of 15 May 2020, in the context of the epidemic determined by the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, for extending deadlines, amending and supplementing  […] Read More

Healthcare transformation – the human factor by Ronan Daly Jermyn

24 August 2020
The headlines across the globe tell a story of transformation, reform and renewal within the healthcare sector. We are constantly being advised that traditional healthcare is being reimagined. Many of the patients currently attending hospitals, will, we are told, never need to attend in the future, as AI powered predictive care will prevent many of […] Read More

Temporary layoffs, CERB, and CEWS: A COVID-19 update by Watson Goepel LLP

24 August 2020
Temporary Layoffs in B.C. Under the Employment Standards Act, RSBC 1996, c. 113 (the “Act”), as long as an employer has the contractual authority or the employee agrees to it, employers may layoff employees on a temporary basis. Normally, the time limit for a layoff to be “temporary”, according to the Act, is 13 weeks. After […] Read More

COVID-19 Update: Impacts on CA Education by Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti, LLP

24 August 2020
COVID-19 Update: Impacts on CA Education Five months into the pandemic and with fall right around the corner, California school districts are beginning to announce their plans for the upcoming school year. California has set specific guidelines to determine whether schools can conduct in-person learning or whether they will be required to implement distance learning. […] Read More

Changes to Temporary Layoff Rules in Alberta Due to COVID-19 by Emery Jamieson LLP

24 August 2020
On April 6, 2020, in the face of the shutdown of many businesses across the country, the province announced changes to the temporary layoff scheme in order to allow employers to provide job protection, and flexibility to employers impacted by the pandemic. According to the Alberta Employment Standards Code, employers of non-unionized employees are entitled to temporarily layoff […] Read More

COVID-19 Update: Provincial Court of Alberta by Carscallen LLP

19 August 2020
The Provincial Court of Alberta (“Provincial Court”) has implemented its staged resumption of court activities, following the temporary suspension of court activities due to COVID-19, and is increasing the number of criminal, family and youth, and civil matters that can be heard in-person at base point locations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to read […] Read More

Tips for Protecting your Business by QLD Law Group

19 August 2020
If you have a business no doubt you have been putting a lot of effort into it during the COVID-19 crisis. Having worked so hard under so much stress in recent tough times you want the business to not just survive but thrive in the future. The world has changed and it may be a […] Read More

ABC News features Jacob Frenkely from Dickinson Wright PLLC

13 August 2020
Jacob Frenkel was recently featured in ABC News Investigations’ story, “Health Care Execs Have Made Millions During COVID, More Scrutiny Needed: Critics.” Throughout the ongoing “mad dash” to find coronovirus solutions and treatments, Congress is calling for the #SEC to investigate trading activity by a number of health care executives at the companies testing and receiving Government endorsements. Click […] Read More

2020 Virtual AGM

07 August 2020
              Lawyers Associated Worldwide is proud to announce its 2020  AGM will be virtual allowing LAW to recreate much of its traditional AGM, except that ‘virtual’ means more content, more attendees, and new experiences. Offered will be many industry-substantive sessions, panel discussions, roundtables, and networking opportunities through on-line features […] Read More

COVID-19 and a post-Brexit world by Ledingham Chalmers LLP

06 August 2020
COVID-19 and a post-Brexit world — catalysts for business model re-evaluation Arguably, there has never been a more appropriate time for those in farming businesses to have frank discussions about what’s next. There’s plenty of food for thought for farmers and growers over the next few months. For a start, there’s a likely downward trend […] Read More

Where Are We Now? Legal & Regulatory Update by Wildgen S.A.

05 August 2020
This is the 11th episode of our COVID-19 webcast series. In this new episode, Mark Shaw gives a quick run-down of where we are in terms of financial services regulation, corporate law and tax. A look back over the various responses to the COVID-19 pandemic to see which are still applicable while we are in this period […] Read More

Intellectual Property Review by Nunziante Magrone

05 August 2020
Observatory on the latest case law trends regarding the intangible assets In this period of business relaunch, we recall the most important decisions issued in the last semester by the European Courts, concerning the protection of intellectual property, essential tool for the economic development. Click here to read the full article. Click here to learn […] Read More

Remote/Video Chat Notarization Extended Until August 5 by Colligan Law LLP

05 August 2020
On July 6, 2020, Governor Cuomo signed Executive Order 202.48, which extended the previous order authorizing notary publics to witness instruments being signed using audio-video technology (Executive Order 202.7). The new extension last until August 5, 2020. Therefore, a licensed NY Notary Public may perform remote notarization, for documents such as deeds, wills, easements, mortgages, […] Read More

What Does a Furlough Mean to My Employees? by Gray Reed & McGraw, LLP.

01 August 2020
When restaurants were ordered to shutter – and before PPP – Ernest Bux’s sister Cookie Bux who owns Beef O’Bux Restaurants was in a bind. Should she lay off or furlough employees who were showing up for work to her empty restaurant chain? What’s the difference between laying off employees and furloughing them? What are […] Read More

What to expect from a COVID-19 Workplace Inspection by Ronan Daly Jermyn

30 July 2020
The Health and Safety Authority (the “HSA”) is the government agency with responsibility to ensure compliance with workplace health and safety (Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (the “2005 Act”)). Its remit now includes ensuring compliance with the Return to Work Safely Protocol (the “Protocol”).  In this article, we look at the four […] Read More

Watson Goepel LLP and Stewart & Winch Merger

29 July 2020
Stewart & Winch has joined the law firm of Watson Goepel LLP, effective June 30, 2020.   This merger allows Watson Goepel to better serve clients on the North Shore and surrounding areas. Stewart & Winch is an established West Vancouver law firm, providing legal services in the areas of general corporate/commercial, real estate, and wills […] Read More

Alberta Courts Update: Resumption of Court Activities by Carscallen LLP

29 July 2020
As Alberta courts gradually resume hearings both in-person and remotely following the temporary closure of court operations due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, parties should be aware of certain guidelines and health and safety measures that have been put in place for attendance at courthouses in Alberta, scheduling matters, filing documents and remote hearings. HEALTH AND […] Read More

Covid-19: Wills by video-conferencing by Howard Kennedy LLP

29 July 2020
The Government announced that Wills witnessed via videolink will be considered valid, as a response to difficulties faced by testators and their witnesses during the global pandemic. What will now be permitted? The proposed changes to the Wills Act 1837 will allow a testator to sign their Will while their witnesses watch via videolink, such as […] Read More

The Temptation of Corruption in Times of Crisis by Tay & Partners

29 July 2020
“We need the protection of the law now more than ever with the COVID-19 crisis amplifying opportunities for corruption” The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented crisis to the world’s economic landscape and undoubtedly a shock to most (if not all) businesses. While the immediate focus of many corporations may understandably be on sustaining the business, […] Read More

Legal Update by Lloreda Camacho & Co.

28 July 2020
How does the new Fair Term Law apply? On July 23, the so-called “Fair Term Law” was issued, Law 2024 of 2020, which seeks to favor small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, who, in the opinion of the legislator, were forced to accept long terms of payment by your customers. The law is relevant, since it will impact […] Read More

Insight on Estate Planning by Stokes Lawrence, P.S.

28 July 2020
Recent tax law changes may affect your estate plan The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act is designed to provide tax relief to individuals and businesses struggling to make ends meet due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But this law may also have a long-reaching impact on your estate plan. Notably, the CARES Act […] Read More

The Cares Act and Retirement Accounts updated by Johnson Pope Bokor Ruppel & Burns, LLP

24 July 2020
On July 17, the IRS issued a notice to taxpayers that could be important to you or a family member relating to retirement accounts. REQUIRED MINIMUM DISTRIBUTION RELIEF The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act waived the “Required Minimum Distributions” (RMDs) for the year 2020 for IRAs and retirement plans. The waiver applies […] Read More

Pandemic Realities in the Maritime Industry by Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors

24 July 2020
The COVID pandemic has wreaked havoc on economies of the world, on a global scale as economists and fiscal policy experts associate its effect as the worst global economic crisis of the century in comparison with the global economic recession of 2008 and the economic depression of the 1930s. The impact of the pandemic has […] Read More

All aboard the Mothership – Mothership preference actions in the Federal Court by LAVAN

21 July 2020
In Jahani v Alfabs Mining Equipment Pty Ltd, in the matter of Delta Coal Mining Pty Limited (in liquidation) [2020] FCA 752, Stewart J considered the process for a liquidator to join multiple unrelated defendants to one set of ‘mothership’ unfair preference recovery proceedings in the Federal Court. This decision confirms the approach to be […] Read More

Reporting Work-Related COVID-19 Diagnoses to OSHA by Gray Reed & McGraw, LLP

20 July 2020
Employers are generally not responsible for reporting employees’ positive COVID-19 diagnoses to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or the Texas Department of State Health. However, employers may overlook the ordinary reporting requirements for workplace illnesses that must be made to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), including reporting COVID-19 diagnoses. With […] Read More

2020 Law School Graduates meet a COVID-19 Economy by Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP

20 July 2020
A BizWest article by Dan Mika covers a day in the live of a 2020 law school graduate in Colorado. With several bar exams being postponed around the nation, recent law school graduates in Colorado are still expected to take the bar exam at the end of this month (July) and the future beyond the bar […] Read More

Global M&A Market Review Legal Rankings

15 July 2020
Our Tallinn, Estonia member firm COBALT has been recognised as the leading Baltic law firm in the Eastern European region by the number of transactions advised in 1H of 2020, according to Bloomberg Global M&A Market Review Legal Rankings. Click here to read more.   Read More

Tarter Krinsky & Drogin Ranked in The National Law Journal 500

10 July 2020
Tarter Krinsky & Drogin has been named as one of the National Law Journal 500. The NLJ 500 is a highly regarded survey by The National Law Journal, of the 500 largest law firms in the United States of the previous calendar year. Surveys were sent to over 900 law firms across the country to […] Read More

Securities Client Alert – COVID-19 Disclosure Considerations for Upcoming Quarterly Reports by GableGotwals

10 July 2020
As companies prepare their quarterly reports for the second quarter, the SEC has steadily provided disclosure guidance related to COVID-19 and its impacts, including CF Disclosure Guide Topic 9 in March, CF Disclosure Guide Topic 9A in June, and a Roundtable on the subject at the end of June. With three months of experience, the […] Read More

Marc Grüninger recommended by Best Lawyers Switzerland 2021 for M&A

09 July 2020
GHR Rechtsanwälte partner Marc Grüninger has again been recognized by his peers among Switzerland’s best lawyers for Mergers and Acquisition Law and has been selected for inclusion in the 11th Edition of The Best Lawyers in Switzerland: Recognition by Best Lawyers is based entirely on peer review and the consensus opinion of leading lawyers […] Read More

Welcome new colleagues by Georgiev, Todorov & Co. Law Offices

09 July 2020
Dobrina Pavlova and Ivan Tserovski join Georgiev, Todorov & Co. Law Offices Dobrina Pavlova graduated with a Master’s degree in Law from the New Bulgarian University in 2009. She joined the team of Georgiev, Todorov & Co Law Offices in May 2020. Prior to that, Dobrina had experience as Head of the Energy and Capital Markets Department at […] Read More

PPP loans: an update for mergers and acquisitions by Colligan Law LLP

26 June 2020
The impacts of PPE loans on various sectors of the business world have been evolving since first announced.  Additional guidance and clarity regarding the impact on deal terms and the forgivability of PPP loans is being made available, as is a final ruling from the SBA clarifying the mechanics of forgivability in the context of […] Read More

6 von BOETTICHER attorneys distinguished as being among “Germany’s Best Attorneys” in the rating published by “Handelsblatt” and Best Lawyers

26 June 2020
The new attorney ratings in Germany by the leading business newspaper “Handelsblatt” ( in cooperation with the US publishers “Best Lawyers” came out June 26, 2020. We are quite proud that in total 6 of our 18 attorneys have been distinguished as being among “Germany’s Best Attorneys 2020” in this ranking:   Dr. Claudia Böhm: […] Read More

COBALT advised Fortumo on selling its business to Boku

26 June 2020
COBALT advised Estonian Fortumo on selling its business to London Stock-Exchange-listed leading global mobile payments platform Boku. The value of the deal is approximately USD 45 million. Fortumo, founded in 2007 in Tartu, Estonia, provides mobile payment solutions to digital merchants including Google, Amazon, Spotify, Epic Games and Tencent. Boku, founded in 2003 in the […] Read More